Coming Soon

  • Pro Applications: In addition to Stater Apps Auto generated database, Prisma Queries, List and Detail routes with Authentication, APIs and/or actions, Pro apps include Advanced Authentication, Authorization (RBAC), Admin Panel, efficient Cursor based Pagination, Dashboard, Reports, Config, Profile with file upload and other functionality needed for a standard business app.

  • SaaS (multi-tenant) Applications: Pro App plus Auto Multi-tenant Models, multi-tenant Prisma Quires, multi-tenant route loaders, tenant admin panel, app admin panel to manage plans and tenants, plus SaaS specific features like Stripe Checkout integration, Subscription Plans, plan features, and other functionality to build a multi-tenant SaaS App.

Sep 17 2023

  • Improved AI Response parser
  • Improved AI Response handler with support for multiple continuations
  • Data Mutations can now be done either using standard API or with experimental Server Actions
  • Improved Chart and Stat Component Creation using AI