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eg. App will be used to tracks tools used by employees. Tools are checked out by store staff. Employees may send in request to get tools, or transfer tools to other employees. Tools can also be transferred from one store to another.
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Savings that add up!

Consider the minimum time required to setup a multi-tenant SaaS App

4 hrs to set up Multi-tenant Database

+ 8 hrs to code routes with UI

+ 2 hrs to set up Authentication

+ 2 hrs to set up Authorization

+ 2 hrs to handle Stripe

+ 4 hrs to code Admin UI

+ 2 hr to integrate

= at least 24+ hours of savings!

Login and authorize users, process payments and send emails at lightspeed. Spend your time building your app, not coding from scratch. CreateAppAI provides you with the ready to run code you need to launch your app, FAST.

How does it work?

The fastest and easiest app builder

What is the purpose of the project? What is the target audience? What is the scope?

app start
  • Next JS
    App Router
  • Next-Auth Logo
  • Stripe Logo
  • Prisma
  • TailwindCSS
  • Radix UI
  • TypeScript logoTypescript
  • React JS


Get your app built in few minutes!

  • PRISMA queries for CRUD.

    CreateAppAI auto generates CRUD queries based on your configuration. This includes high performance cursor based paging, create and update with support for child items, deletes with transaction support.

    Time saved: 4+ hours

  • Nested Routes

    CreateAppAI will auto generate all routes required for your application, from list routes, nested detail routes, related routes and even api routes for stuff like look up list.

    Time saved: 4+ hours

  • Auto Generated UI

    CreateAppAI auto generates all layouts and views as per your configuration, from list view, to modal detail, inline editable table to even Kanban board. All views come fully wired with data from server components and actions for mutations.

    Time saved: 4+ hours

  • Search/Sort

    CreateAppAI provides support for both quick search, advanced search and sort, and auto generates code for them in UI, Route and Model. Think about time it would take you to code dynamic search, with CreateAppAI you just click and configure!

    Time saved: 2+ hours

  • Pagination

    CreateAppAI has built-in support for both standard query string based server pagination and where needed action based client pagination. We even take care of ensuring parameters are not over written when doing child navigation on top of parent navigation using standard query string based pagination.

    Time saved: 2+ hours

  • Login

    Integrated Next-Auth Credentials Provider authentication. Saves data to your own user table in database. Public/protected App Routes and API routes handlers. Includes support for Forgot Password using email based reset token as well as initial Sign Up.

    Time saved: 2+ hours

  • Security

    CreateAppAI provides out of box implementation for RBAC (role based access control). For every route, both data getters and actions include user rights check. And with included Admin UI, you can easily create custom roles and assign them to users.

    Time saved: 4+ hours

  • Validation

    CreateAppAI provides common validation logic on both client and server, ensuring that consistent validation both on client for immediate feed back and on server to handle all other cases. In addition to common validation, included Form Controls provides built-in validation for majority of data types and can be further configured using Visual Editor

    Time saved: 2+ hours

  • Payments

    Use integrated Stripe Checkout to collect payments and webhook route handler to update user account.

    Time saved: 2+ hours

  • Database Schema

    Customized Database Prisma Schema with multi-tenant tables to support Login, RBAC, Tenant, Subscription Plans and your app specific tables generated by CreateAppAI

    Time saved: 4+ hours

Types of App you can build with CreateAppAI

  • Internal App Type Image

    Internal Tools

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  • SaaS App Type Image

    SaaS App

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  • Interactive Dashboard App Type Image

    Interactive Dashboard

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  • MVP App Type Image


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  • Internal App Type Image

    Admin Panel

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  • SQL GUI App Type Image


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Why CreateAppAI?

  • CreateAppAI enables you go from idea to a running app in minutes. You can save weeks of development time and get right to work on the features that makes your app unique.
  • CreateAppAI is an AI codebase generator, not a framework. There are no new APIs to learn, you get high quality Typescript codebase.
  • Visual Editor allows you to easily create and configure various aspects of your application with an easy UI. Want to build a parent child view, just drop child list on to parent! Set a up relationship? Just pick model to connect to.
  • No dependencies on third party npm packages, no gated downloads from private repo, you get all the code!
  • CreateAppAI provide out-of-the-box defaults that are suitable for most applications, but are easy to change using Visual Editor.
  • Codebase has been developed for long term maintenance. You are free to add your favorite library, and all the major parts are easily replaceable.

Batteries Included. And more!

You get code for a complete running app, including additional route types, authentication, authorization(RBAC), admin panel, components, hooks and a lot more!

  • Authentication

    Standard user id/password authentication with support for Forgot Password (reset) flow.
  • Authorization

    Easily protect data using integrated rights based authorization. All route loaders and actions can be protected. Includes customizable RBAC implementation.
  • Admin UI

    Get ready made UI to administer users, roles and rights.
  • Profile

    Easily let user customize their details, including support for uploading photos, light/dark UI and logout functionality.
  • Dashboard

    Dashboard template provides UI container and components to quickly create dashboard with Stats and Charts widgets, and includes easy drag-n-drop way to create Aggregate View to power those widgets. We will generate PRISMA code, route and UI components for aggregated view and all properly wired up!
  • Reports

    Create custom report to show data. Report support tabular/grid view as well as advanced form based layout, perfect for creating custom view for stuff like invoice! Reports can use either Aggregate View or Model as source. Form based reports supports multiple sources (parent-child), you just use drag-n-drop editor to configure. Report even provides support for Parameters that you can change!


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